Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Handmade for Men ( + Hubsey's Birthday!)

This isn't just any old handmade gift guide for the dudes in your life (though it would work for a lot of them, I imagine). This is a special roundup of things aimed at Hubsey because today is his birthday! His request for this post was that I work in an ironic #YOLO somewhere, so we'll have to see if I can make it happen. These items here aren't things I got him--we actually agreed to skip Christmas and birthday presents since we just went to Paris--but I'm absolutely keeping all of them in mind for our anniversary in July.

t-shirt  //  phone case  //  clock  //  flask  //  poster

>> Local Beer T-shirt. We have some fantastic local breweries around here and one of them--Two Brothers--is where we go on a lot of dates when the weather isn't polar vortexing all over the place. He's also a fan of Goose Island, so I figured a general "drink local" shirt would be perfect.

>> Phone Case. The Hubster is currently living on the edge and doesn't have his iPhone in any kind of protective gear (#YOLO) but he's mentioned several times that a wood case would be nice. I agree.

>> Vintage Clock. If there's any kind of time-telling feature on a device, he's into it. In the last year or so he's started collecting watches, and I wouldn't be surprised if vintage alarm clocks were next. He loves the one in the family room, but it tragically doesn't work.

>> Personalized Flask. Along with the watch collecting, Hubsey has gotten into fancy bourbons lately. They all taste like jet fuel to me, but that's okay because it means more for him. A flask would be a legit practical gift, because sometimes he wants to bring a drink to share at a party but doesn't want to drag around the whole bottle (or have it all disappear). This way there would be enough to go around but he'd still protect his investment.

>> Travel Poster. If you follow me on Instagram, chances are you saw our newly framed vintage travel posters from this weekend. Like nachos, you can NEVER have too much vintage artwork. San Francisco is Hubsey's favorite city, so this one is a no-brainer.

Normally we'd be going out to dinner tonight, but he's at a big ol' meeting in New York with his entire team today. Womp, womp. Hopefully this post cheers him up, because I can't think of anything more lame than being at the airport on your birthday when you're not going on vacation. Maybe the DMV, but it's a close call.

What have you gotten the dudes in your life lately? Anybody else in the bourbon club? Feel free to leave Hubsey some birthday wishes in the comments; he reads this everyday and I'm sure he'd love to see them right now.

Happy Birthday! :-)


  1. I love the SF poster and the red clock!
    wishing your husband a very happy birthday and hope he gets back soon so you can celebrate :)

  2. Happy birthday dude!!! Also, yes he needs a phone case! Didn't he already crack the screen? Tell him that phone cases are cool and hip and all the cool kids have them. Also, cracking up that you referred to liquor as an investment. ;)

    1. He cracked his old one a couple of months before he upgraded! Dropped it on our front steps.

      As for the booze being an investment, I was surprised to see how expensive bourbon can get! I wouldn't want it to disappear in one evening, either.

  3. Happy birthday to the hubsey! An airport birthday does sound lousy but you can celebrate when he gets back. I love your choices, especially the clock and the iphone case- I really like the wood design, and as I am a dropper, that seems like a good pick to me.

  4. Happy Birthday Hubsy! Hope you get out of NY before yet ANOTHER storm this week.

    My dude is pretty easy to shop for because he makes sure he keeps his Amazon wishlist updated. It's full of music, comics and some toys. :)

  5. Spoiler alert, birthday guy.... (have a good one!)

    Sounds like that phone case might be in his future! I'm liking the t-shirt!

  6. A very happy birthday! Or as we 'Dutchies' say: van harte gefeliciteerd :-)

    And that vintage clock rocks.

  7. I don't know anyone in a bourbon club, but my dad's in a scotch club. I hope his birthday meeting in NY wasn't too bad and that you get to celebrate at least a little when he gets home! I think the wood phone case is pretty cool, but my guy insists that he doesn't need a phone case. Bold move for someone who just got a new phone last week!

  8. Happy birthday! All of these gift ideas are fabulous. You're all set for your anniversary!

  9. Dude shopping is tough, but you found some great stuff!

  10. Happy Birthday to yo man! Love the ironic yolo...

  11. Great ides for guy gifts! I love that flask, my husband love anything with a monogram. Thanks for sharing.
    Everyday Inspired